Before I dive into what’s going to help you finally achieve your dance goals, let me ask you one question… do you have dance goals?

I ask because sometimes people’s goals aren’t really specific enough. I usually hear something along the lines of, “I want to be good” or “I want to not suck”. Some people do have narrow focus like reaching a certain level or winning a title, but if you still struggle with being specific and clear, let me ask you a really juicy question to get to the heart of what you want.. Okay ready? Here it is…

What if this was the last year that you could dance?

The silence I sense from you is deafening… Don’t worry!! In reality it’s probably not, but that question really puts things into perspective doesn’t it? What popped into your head that made you like “WAIT!! I haven’t done ::insert what you want to do:: yet!”. Some of your responses might not surprise you because you’ve been wanting to do it for a while. However ideas may pop into your head that are new or forgotten. If you got that sense of urgency, good! That means on some level you have a passionate drive in your dancing! Do you know what your knee jerk reaction was? Good! That’s your mission in dancing, it’s time to DO IT!!


And here’s how:

Find whomever has achieved what you’re trying to do or at very least in the same realm and model what they have done. Yes it really is that simple! They’ve been on the journey before and know the tricks of the trade, why wouldn’t you at least use their beaten path leading straight to your dance dream? Follow behind someone who knows the way – evaluate who in your dance circle (and beyond) is or has been where you want to be, then start a dialog about what they did to reach their level.

You might or might not achieve it within the year, and frankly I hope you don’t because if you do – you’re not dreaming big enough!!

Hopefully this helps you narrow your focus on your dream so you can discern from time wasting and what is really going to help you in your dancing. What would you want to achieve if you could only dance one more year? Leave a comment below this post and share what your dance dream is and how you might go about achieving it! 

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