larrytc“It’s been life-changing for me.  I get to share an activity with someone who is as passionate as I am about dancing. Our lessons have given me confidence not only on the dance floor, but also given me confidence in my daily life as well. I have always loved to dance, but I really didn’t know the first thing about it. Caitlin has a wonderful personality and teaches me the proper technique of each dance, which has made our lessons together fun and informative. Not only is Caitlin helping me on the dance floor to reach my goals, she’s given me exercises that I can do at home to help with some of the weaknesses I have in dancing. I cannot thank Caitlin enough for all the fun and excitement we’ve had. I look forward to going to the top in my dancing career with Caitlin!”

Larry | Ballroom and Latin Competition Student

flo“I’ve taken many private lessons from various instructors and have always enjoyed it. Yet working and dancing with Caitlin, her lessons really targeted the areas I most want to be great at, like styling and connecting better with a partner. Caitlin is such a beautiful dancer and I can’t wait to learn more from her. Teach me Caitlin!!”



“I had never taken any kind of dance lessons before. My first lesson with Caitlin was not only fun, but I feel like I learned a lot. She was extremely patient and was very good at describing the moves that we were learning. My lesson spiked my interest in learning more about dance and taking more lessons!”


zeek“My lesson with Caitlin was my second time taking lessons and it was great to see a different perspective from a different teacher. Caitlin was very observant and was able to pinpoint my points of weakness in certain moves. I really enjoy her patience and expertise.”



“If we could give Caitlin 10 stars, we would! She was so fun to work with and really made learning our first dance something we enjoyed doing. Caitlin created a dance that we are so excited to share with our friends and family at the wedding and really cared about what we wanted, felt comfortable doing, and pictured our first dance being like! We took several classes with Arthur Murray Dance Studio previously and were so relieved when we found Caitlin, she was a much better fit for us! Highly recommend!”



“Caitlin, was absolutely amazing! I have zero dance history. But after a few lessons, I left feeling confident, excited, and ready. Our friends and family absolutely LOVED our choreographed dance. In fact, it’s still something they rave about the most. And thanks to our classes with Caitlyn, we were able to bring something truly magical to life. She was patient, responsive with class/scheduling requests, she was knowledgable, and most importantly she was supportive and a ton of fun! We highly recommend her!”


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