Your wedding dance marks a pinnacle point of your wedding day – After the ceremony, it’s the time were you and your new spouse come together as husband and wife. It’s most likely you and your fiance aren’t professional dancers, so here’s some of my best tips so that your dance goes off without a hitch!


Before your Wedding Day

  1. Practice to your cut of the song. After you’ve chosen ‘your song’, listen in and decide if you’d like to dance to the whole song or only a part of it – there is no right or wrong answer, choose what’s comfortable for you then practice to that version so your uber familiar with that version.
  2. Practice in your shoes and an outfit similar to what you’ll have on so you know if it affects the size of your steps and freedom of movement.
  3. Do ‘Cold Run-throughs’ – It’s a dance term meaning ‘do it cold’ (i.e. when you’re not warmed up), it’s a realistic way to prepare as you won’t have time to go over your dance and mentally prepare, so you need to train your muscle memory. Plan do practice your dance just once a day in the days leading up to your wedding.


On your Wedding Day

  1. Plan to walk on when the music starts from near your DJ booth. This will lessen confusion if they have the right song cut and you can assure him that you’re ready.
  2. Lose the jacket as suits aren’t designed to have the arms raised.
  3. Feel free to talk during the dance (even if it’s just about what to do next!), it will actually calm nerves and you’re even more likely to smile!