I’ve been teaching for over ten years now. After I tell people I’m a ballroom dance instructor, I often hear in response – “I’ve always wanted to do that!”. I suppose people just look longingly at their television screens, watching Dancing With The Stars, and think ‘someday’. They have a story in their minds that now is not a good time to learn to dance. Unfortunately, choosing to put off dancing means missed opportunities as well…


Closeness with a loved one. It’s often said that dance is the only sport you can do in eachother’s arms. Having that physical contact can undoubtedly keep your relationship close aside from just the physical. Spending the time together and having fun in a shared activity together adds more value to the relationship.


More laughs and smiles. If there’s someone who can dance but not have fun and smile – I would like to meet them!


Confidence. Navigating the social world (offline) can be daunting. The biggest testimonial on dance I hear is how it’s given people confidence. They feel accomplished in learning how to navigate the dance floor and it’s transferred to their daily life as well!


So what’s the true cost of NOT dancing? There’s so much to gain – why put it off another minute!