I hope I didn’t scare you a little with that title! I assure you these are super common and can be easily fixed…


Mistake #1: Not having a goal

I’m not just talking about dance events or competitions (although those are important milestone markers to track your progress), I’m talking about having grand overarching goal for your dancing that’s specific.


You see, your brain needs that focus because there is a lot of things to improve with dance which is easily overwhelming. At times we’ll feel as though we’ll never improve which is discouraging.


You can avoid that sense of helplessness by creating a goal for yourself. You can break it down into weekly, monthly, yearly goals… whatever fits best for your timeline. Once you accomplish one, create another… this creates the best opportunity to build on your skills!


Mistake #2: Not taking notes

Our instructor and coaches give us golden nuggets of dance knowledge all the time! The problem is, although we think we’ll remember – we only remember a tiny fraction of what they said.


Notes can be as simple as reminding us what was said but it can also be concepts that take on an entirely different meaning as you advance in your dancing.


Find a system that works best for you – a notebook, video, a notetaking app… There’s no excuse not to take notes – even when it seems insignificant! It’ll save time on your coach repeating themselves, you can learn new information and advance faster.